This is a blog where I write about things of all sorts! Most recently my adventures joining the Bella Mente Quantum Racing America’s Cup Design Team! Please follow for my adventures to come!! Click here to see my current blog posts about my upcoming life on an America’s Cup team!

I started with my adventures in Italy, January 2015 where I taught Italian high school students and explored northern Italy on the weekends. I had many sailing adventures in college – check out the College Sailing tab, my Bermuda AC base trip and my Post-College Adventures tab! I then transitioned in the sailing world. I worked at Oakcliff Sailing in Long Island sailing as many fast cool boats as possible (see Oakcliff tabs) and now have moved onto designing for the America’s Cup!

Join me for some potentially interesting (potentially rambling) conversations about what I’m up to!

Click here to read on!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Es fantástico lo que haces, Robin!!!! Qué envidia, qué maravilla!!! Te deseo de corazón que disfrutes de la vida y de la aventura. Qué mente más imaginativa. Best whises!!!! Muakkkk.


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